Matthew Bourne’s Romeo + Juliet – VR workshop app

New Adventures and Reality Check Productions began discussing possible ways to use emerging technologies to bring Matthew Bourne’s work to more people, in new ways, in 2019.

As a vital part of New Adventures’ work, and an area in which Reality Check Productions’ directors have a wealth of experience, education struck us as the perfect focus for this pilot project. The VR Workshop App allows New Adventures to see the benefits of using VR to develop their educational programme and potentially offer a legacy in continuing to work with existing participants and reach new people where capacity, time and cost may be an issue.

To do this, we looked at the way New Adventures’ existing workshops are delivered. These are tried and tested, are extremely popular and work well. They offer participants an insight into to the methods used by the company to devise the choreography for each production. The only draw-back is the geographic and time limitations on accessing these workshops. We concluded that VR would allow users all over the globe to participate in a version of the existing workshop based on Romeo + Juliet, without needing to travel or wait for limited places to open up in a short window of availability.

Using cutting-edge technology, we give 6 degrees of freedom within a 360° video (powered by our friends at Kagenova using Copernic 360) and allow them to interact with educational content and creative task-based workshops in their own time, at their school or in their home. Additionally, the user also has the opportunity to perform the creative task they have learnt on the world-famous Sadler’s Wells stage and watch an extract of the production in performance from an ‘impossible’ front-of-the-stage vantage point.

For more information on how to access the experience, or if you have any specific questions and want to find out more about New Adventures or Reality Check Productions digital media developments, please contact:

Pip Brignall, Creative Producer, Reality Check Productions

Kaasam Aziz, Communications Manager, New Adventures

With thanks to: